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Nikon Donates Digital Photography Educational DVDs to U.N. Information Centres
International Photographic Council, U.N. Information Centres Service,
Nikon Execs Meet at UN for Presentation

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, November 09, 2009

At a meeting held at the U.N. Headquarters last week, with representatives of the U.N. Information Centres Service, the International Photographic Council (IPC), and Nikon Inc., Nikon presented 70 copies of their educational DVD Understanding Digital Photography to the U.N. for distribution to U.N. Information Centers worldwide.

The generous donation, coordinated by IPC President James Chung, was inspired by IPC’s mission: “Peace Through Understanding, Understanding Through Photography, the Universal Language.”

“The U.N. Information Centres Service had been exploring ways to enhance the capacity of United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) staff to take and disseminate digital photographs of their events,” says Helene Hoedl, Information Officer of the U.N. Information Centres Service, Department of Public Information. “Because photography is a powerful tool for telling the U.N. story, better photos can enhance the quality of the information products of the Centres, including their individual websites and print products, and contributions to Headquarters-based platforms such as UNIC.org and our department newsletter. Eventually, photographs from the Centres may be archived in the UN’s photo database, enhancing their long-term value. For all these reasons, the Nikon DVDs will prove most valuable to our global operations.”

The United Nations Information Centers (UNICs), Services (UNISs), and Offices (UNIOs), located in 63 countries worldwide, disseminate global U.N. messages to local audiences. A reliable source of timely information about the UN, the Centres deliver information to journalists, government officials, civic groups, students, educators, and researchers in their respective nations. They produce newsletters and videos, maintain websites, provide information and training for journalists, and contribute to television and radio programs, and newspaper articles. Often they work with civic groups, exploring a variety of issues through seminars, exhibits, and other activities.

Said Lindsay Silverman, Nikon’s Senior Technical Manager, “When I learned from IPC President Jimmy Chung at an industry event in September that the U.N. Information Centres Service was looking for digital photography training tips and techniques, Nikon’s Understanding Digital Photography DVD immediatelycame to mind. Jimmy advised Helene Hoedl of the UN Information Centres Service about the DVD, which set the wheels in motion and brought us together today.”

“Images play such a powerful role in the world today,” said IPC President Chung. “IPC is very grateful that Nikon, a long-time supporter of IPC, is donating this entertaining and informative learning tool to the people whose role it is to convey the U.N. story all over the world.”

The U.N.’s Helene Hoedl concluded, “I would like to thank Nikon for its generous donation, which will be most useful to our colleagues in the UN Information Centres in improving their skills in taking digital photographs. I am also most grateful to the IPC for their continued support and inspiration.”

Others in attendance for the presentation were Steve Heiner, Senior Technical Manager, Nikon Inc.; Lily Chau, Chief, Audio-Visual Services Section, News and Media Division, U.N. DPI; Hiro Ueki, Chief, Programme Support Section, U.N. DPI; and Alice B. Miller, director of PR for IPC and principal of Plum Communications, Inc.

Founded in 1974, IPC is dedicated to increasing worldwide recognition of photography as a universal means of communication. Its motto—and mission—is “Peace through Understanding, Understanding through Photography, the Universal Language.” In 1983, the United Nations officially recognized the IPC as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) associated with the U.N. Since then, the organizations have co-produced many photographic exhibitions addressing serious and major global issues such as Aging, Population Growth, Endangered Species and other subjects of universal interest. In addition to being displayed at U.N. Headquarters in New York, these exhibitions are circulated to selected international locations. As a photographic industry association, the IPC also promotes and encourages photography with scholarships, through key business and professional speakers, and other programs of interest.

For more information on Nikon and its digital photography DVDs, visit www.nikonusa.com. For more information on IPC, visit www.ipc-un-ngo.org or www.facebook.com/pages/Brooklyn-NY/International-Photographic-Council/124660358180.

Nikon at the UN

At the U.N. to present 70 Nikon educational DVDs to the UN Information Centres Service: (l to r) James Chung, IPC President; Helene Hoedl, Information Officer of the U.N. Information Centres Service, Department of Public Information; Lindsay Silverman, Nikon Senior Technical Manager; Hiro Ueki, Chief, Programme Support Section, U.N. Department of Public Information; Steve Heiner, Nikon Senior Technical Manager.

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